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Uncoventional Museum

published on 18 April 2018 at 09:00 | Special Places

The art gallery, the library, the historic museum…this is the oldest farm of Italy!

Active from 1517 has kept for centuries his main activity: the horticulture.

The family name proves the strong connection with the land: as a matter of fact “gello” means “a small farmland” in the Tuscany way of speaking.

One small treasure of the nursery project nurtured by the managing director Giampiero Gelli, who searched documents which prove the prestigious and important history of his family.

A family that had certainly Giovanbattista Gelli as forefather. He was the son of well-off dealers of refined wines and was also a literate to the court of the grand duke Cosimo dei Medici.



Today the farm, that is located in le Querci, between Agliana und Pistoia, is even now devoted to the nursery sector and to the reproduction of a fauna and flora habitat.

The rich find patrimony, documents and knowledge that Giampiero Gelli collected, has given life to a museum archive which can be visited all day on booking by students and Italian and foreign tourists, who want to study the history and the origin of the agriculture.

The museum has over than 8.000 documents and historic volumes concerning traditional agriculture, livestock, farm animals, viticulture, nursery sector and horticulture since 1517. Among these is it possible to examine a very fine edition of the Vocabulary della Crusca (1612) and of the encyclopaedia concerning ancient medicinal and curative plants (1557) in addition to ancient farmer cook recipes.

Giampiero Gelli is also the author of the “Vocabolario di storia dell’Agricoltura e della Cultura contadina” (a dictionary about the history of the agriculture and of the farm culture) of Pistoia and of the volume “Le antiche ricette contadine” (a volume about ancient farmer cook recipes), that you can find inside the museum.

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